Marie Rime • 30 years old, from Switzerland, currently based in Berlin. I hold a Bachelor degree in Photography from écal, Switzerland and a Master degree in Contextual design from Design Academy Eindhoven.

The Perecian Collection - A method to create a new reality of the everyday using conscious self-alienation

2019 • Thesis written as part of the Master Contextual Design

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My proposal describes a method that combines two concepts: the everyday and making a collection and how they come together in a perspective of reinvention. The everyday will be defined as an object of attention, an element to be thought of, researched, practised, deconstructed, experienced and eventually reinvented. I chose four figures, Henri Lefebvre, Michel de Certeau, Georges Perec and Rita Felski that I consider key to understanding what the everyday embodies. Having different theoretical backgrounds, each of them is singular in the way they investigate the subject, but complementary in the historical development of the everyday as a concept.

In the second half of the thesis, the concept of making a collection will be analysed as a process that develops over time through the personality of the collector. Making a collection is a specific way to develop a relationship with the elements that surround us. A collector chooses by seeing what matches their criteria and then gathers them into an autonomous system that shuts off one context and time, and exchanges it for another.
Towards the last part, Perec’s ‘practical exercises’ will be combined with the process of making a collection to define a methodology that reinvents the everyday. Or to put it more succinctly, how using conscious self-alienation can create a new reality of the everyday.

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