Marie Rime • 30 years old, from Switzerland, currently based in Berlin. I hold a Bachelor degree in Photography from écal, Switzerland and a Master degree in Contextual design from Design Academy Eindhoven.

Everyday, twice a day, I ride to school on my bike and come back home

2018 • Accessorized blue Motobecane bike

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Demonstration soundtrack

In the mountains of Switzerland cows wear bells. Bells allow the farmer to listen from far the movements of the held and therefore informs him of their different activities, like sleeping or eating, or when the cows get agitated. Starting from these observations, I researched how can sound carry information and how in my daily life I am myself a cow. The final outcome of the project consists in accessorizing my own bike of different objects that react to the environment creating a sound landscape of my rides. I focused more specifically on my rides from home to school and back, that I do twice a day on a regular basis, like the cows who go up and down the mountain every year.