Marie Rime • 30 years old, from Switzerland, currently based in Berlin. I hold a Bachelor degree in Photography from écal, Switzerland and a Master degree in Contextual design from Design Academy Eindhoven.

Demeurons calmes, forts, unis! (Abbayes)

2014 • Photographic series

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The series, Demeurons calmes, forts, unis! (Abbayes), presents portraits that have been realized within swiss sport shooting associations called Abbaye. They are the heritage of the traditions of the Middle Age when people gathered together preparing for combat and practicing shooting. These events are organized once a year as a competition. These associations still exists and gather once a year to shoot. They function like a micro society and are very codified. During the manifestation, members of the abbaye wear a sign of belonging : a band, a cordon or a cockade. The best shooter is nominated King and got the right to wear a crown.