Marie Rime • 30 years old, from Switzerland, currently based in Berlin. I hold a Bachelor degree in Photography from écal, Switzerland and a Master degree in Contextual design from Design Academy Eindhoven.


2013 • Photographic series

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Strict and frontal, the series stages women dressed in colorful armors. This thorough work takes its place in a larger reflection on the relationship between power, ornament, and representation. The armors are made of everyday objects. Once they have been piled up and put together, objects lose their primary function; their shape and matter get back on top. Sometimes, we can even think they’re made of gold or silver. The human body becomes a support for the object as far as to disappear under the different layers of material, Accumulation enhances the assembly’s splendour. But the viewer is not fooled, the decor is clearly staged. They are cheapo knights.